AbouT HILL & Valley

It has been a desire of our hearts to record an album to glorify God and bless God's people.  It's a dream we've had for years, a dream that began almost as soon as God brought us together as husband and wife.

Toby & Brooke Manolis - Hill & Valley

Toby & Brooke Manolis - Hill & Valley

We've been leading worship and writing worship songs together since 2009.  Many of the early songs we wrote and played were for a congregational setting.  We still have those songs and we still play those songs and leading God's people into worship is a desire in our heart fulfilled.  However, starting in 2013, God began giving us new kinds of songs to write.  Songs that described our journey living life as God's children; songs that told our story through the avenue of Scripture.

We felt impressed to make our debut album one that glorifies God first and foremost, but also one that was more personal in nature.

While Hill & Valley is our expression of this great journey, the truth is, these songs are not just our story, but your story too.  Hills and valleys, hope and fear, victory and defeat, happiness and sorrow, are experienced and shared by all of God's people.  They mark our great voyage to redemption, salvation, and glory.  And we can all say that through all those things, the good and the bad, One Thing has always remained, God's great love and faithfulness, relentlessly and persistently pursuing us and bringing us from strength to strength.

Hill & Valley will be released in December 2016.  Please continue to check back as more details are forthcoming.