"I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise will always be in my mouth."  --Psalm 34:1

All music / musical arrangements / performances / original words and lyrics are © by Toby and Brooke Manolis (exceptions include adapted words from the Bible or traditional pieces that are public domain).  We are happy and blessed to be able to provide our music for free.  Audio and chord sheets are available so you can play these songs in your congregation or during your personal worship time.  All we ask is that you credit us for authorship of the songs when reproducing chord sheets and lyrical slides for public use.  Please also note that many of our recordings in our free songbook are not studio quality.  They are rough tracks either recorded live at Shabbat services or a stripped down acoustic versions recorded at home and are provided as a reference for you.  The Lord bless and keep you and we're so happy you're here.  We hope our music blesses you and connects you to our great Father in Heaven.


Song Name:  Ani Ma'amin
Description:  Ani Ma'amin (I Believe) is a song derived from a centuries old Jewish prayer.  It is more well known today in connection to the Holocaust, as this song was sung by many Jewish people in the camps.  This performance of the song was during a Holocaust Remembrance service in 2011.

Song Name:  Kaddish
Description:  The Kaddish is a Second Temple - era liturgy that is commonly recited at funerals, and sometimes referred to as the "Mourner's Kaddish".  Its inspiration is taken from Job, who, in the face of tragedy and affliction, still praised and blessed God.

Song Name:  Kol Nidre
Description:  The Kol Nidre is a traditional prayer that is recited during Yom Kippur.  It is a prayer asking God to void and cancel all vows that we were, and are, unable to fulfill.

Song Name:  Kos Y'Shuot Esa
Scripture Reference:  Psalm 116
Description:  This song speaks of how there's nothing we have to pay the Lord back for all He has done for us.  All we can do is praise Him for the Salvation He's provided for us and call upon His Name.

Song Name:  Ma Tovu
Scripture Reference:  Numbers 24:5 | Psalm 5:7
Description:  This is an original musical arrangement of a commonly recited Jewish prayer.  Ma Tovu expresses reverence and appreciation for the House of God, His places of worship, and His great compassion and lovingkindness towards us.

Song Name:  Vay'hee Binsoah Ha'arone
Scripture Reference:  Numbers 10:35; Isaiah 2:3
Description:  This song is a classic piece of liturgy about God scattering His enemies and blessing Him for giving Israel the Torah.

Song Name:  Yom T'ruah Liturgy - Psalm 89:15 / Psalm 98:6
Scripture Reference:  Psalm 89:15 / Psalm 98:6
Description:  This is a piece of liturgy sung during Yom T'ruah (Rosh Hashanah) commanding the people of Israel to sound the shofar.

Song Name:  Yom T'ruah Liturgy - Tiku Bachodesh Shofar
Scripture Reference:  Psalm 81: 3-4
Description:  This is a piece of liturgy sung during Yom T'ruah (Rosh Hashanah) commanding the people of Israel to sound the shofar.