"I give You thanks with all my heart. Not to idols, but to You I sing praise."  --Psalm 138:1

All music / musical arrangements / performances / original words and lyrics are © by Toby and Brooke Manolis (exceptions include adapted words from the Bible or traditional pieces that are public domain).  We are happy and blessed to be able to provide our music for free.  Audio and chord sheets are available so you can play these songs in your congregation or during your personal worship time.  All we ask is that you credit us for authorship of the songs when reproducing chord sheets and lyrical slides for public use.  Please also note that many of our recordings in our free songbook are not studio quality.  They are rough tracks either recorded live at Shabbat services or a stripped down acoustic versions recorded at home and are provided as a reference for you.  The Lord bless and keep you and we're so happy you're here.  We hope our music blesses you and connects you to our great Father in Heaven.


Song Name:  Adonai Ish Milchama
Scripture Reference:  Psalm 144
Description:  Adonai Ish Milchama (Hebrew for "The Lord Is A Warrior") speaks of God saving us from our enemies and empowering us by His strength, training our hands for war.

Song Name:  Arise Adonai
Scripture Reference:  Numbers 10:35: Psalm 68
Description:  Arise Adonai speaks of the power of the presence of the Lord and how in that presence, His enemies are scattered and defeated.

 Song Name:  Break Forth
Scripture Reference:  Psalm 98
Description:  Break Forth is a song of praise declaring God as the great and victorious King.

Song Name:  Give Adonai His Due
Scripture Reference:  Psalm 29
Description:  Give Adonai His Due is a call to praise and worship the Lord for who He is:  the great King over all.

Song Name:  Hodu L' Adonai
Scripture Reference:  Psalm 136
Description:  Hodu L' Adonai praises God for His everlasting grace, love, and deliverance

Song Name:  Hoshiana Adonai
Scripture Reference:  Psalm 118
Description:  This song of praise is based on Psalm 118, a song that cries out to God for deliverance and praises God for His great love and protection and is also a prophetic song about the coming of Messiah Yeshua.

Song Name:  Jealous
Scripture Reference:  Exodus 20:5; Deuteronomy 4:24; Psalm 147:2
Description:  Jealous speaks of God's love, protection, and blessed hope for Israel

Song Name:  My Light And Salvation
Scripture Reference:  Psalm 27
Description:  Based on Psalm 27, this song is about God's complete protection of us and how because of His surrounding presence, we need to fear nothing!

Song Name:  Psalm 24
Scripture Reference:  Psalm 24
Description:  Psalm 24 exalts the Lord and prophetically declares Yeshua as the returning King of Glory.

Song Name:  Rejoice In Adonai
Scripture Reference:  Psalm 33
Description:  Rejoice In Adonai is a song of praise about God's great power over all the earth and how He protects and watches over those who wait for Him.

Song Name:  Vay'hee Binsoah Ha'arone
Scripture Reference:  Numbers 10:35; Isaiah 2:3
Description:  This song is a classic piece of liturgy about God scattering His enemies and blessing Him for giving Israel the Torah.