Day & Night Worship, with Bethany Rosenfeld - 11/11/14

We have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the hearts and souls of everyone that we have had on the show thus far. It is really amazing to hear from so many hearts that love and chase after the Lord. We are always ministered to, but this time it took a very personal turn for me (Brooke). 

This week on Day and Night Worship I did the interview in the afternoon while Toby was at work because our guest, Bethany Rosenfeld, lives and ministers in Jerusalem, Israel. I had met her MANY years ago at Baruch HaShem in Dallas, TX when she and her husband came to worship with our youth...back when they only had a couple of kids. Present day, they just had their 8th child and yet they are as active as ever in their callings. A lot of times when people have kids, they assume that they should "take it easy" or "settle down" because the stress and strain of raising a kid requires that. Not that you shouldn't take it easy sometimes, but Bethany showed me that not only is it possible to keep moving in your calling after having your child(ren), but you can absolutely THRIVE and produce more fruit than you thought imaginable! God is awesome, guys.

Before the interview even started, we met each others' newest additions and talked about all the things that change along with little ones coming along. I confess, along with the abundant joy of a baby comes the pang of feeling like your active life-as-you-know-it is over. She shared this sentiment the first time around and prayed for God to change her heart...and of course, He did. I needed this word and God knew that. I say all of this because you all should know that this interview was a total God thing and you should definitely listen to it...and keep reading!

Bethany and Adam Rosenfeld attend and serve in the Hebrew Congregation of King of Kings Community, Jerusalem. Bethany leads worship on many of the Holidays as well as puts together worship teams...of children! She has been instrumental in helping to foster and encourage the worship of kids 9 and up. Before a service in which the kids were about to lead, a child prayed "Lord, please don't let them look at us and think that we're cute...let them really worship." That's what it's all about. She is also on staff at Succat Hallel, a 24 hour house of prayer and worship in the heart of Jerusalem. I have been there a couple of times and even been honored to lead a few is such an anointed and holy atmosphere. 

Bethany and her husband are also very active in the Elav Conference that happens every summer.  This conference is geared to lift up the Lord as well as to promote unity and reconciliation between Jewish and Arab believers. Out of this beautiful gathering has come beautiful worship found in Elav: Volume One as well as Bethany's current project that thrills me to the core! She is producing an album that is made up of Jews and Arabs all worshipping God in their own languages and as ECHAD (one)! There is an emphasis on personal expression of worship and the indigenous sounds that come out of the people of Israel. The place where they are recording is amazed by the unity and spirit coming out of this project and Bethany and the others involved have had ample opportunities to share their faith. Two of the songs on this album written by Bethany are "Lion of Judah" and "Bo Yeshua" (Come Yeshua). Because she gave us a sneak peak of these songs before they are released, we cannot include them in our archives, but you better believe we will be talking about them when the album is finished!

Bethany Rosenfeld.JPG

As you can see, this interview was so full of amazing things and it's very hard not to include it all! You should absolutely go and check out the archives and listen to the amazing things God is doing in HaAretz (The Land). If you want to keep up with what is going on with Bethany, you can visit their website and shoot them an email saying that you would like to receive updates/gain access to the site. You can also google or search on youtube for "Elav Conference" and find some of their worship! 

This show was a blessing to me and it will bless you for sure! Thank you, Bethany for sharing with us and we love you!


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