Day and Night Worship, with Aybars Uckun - 11/25/14

Every time we interview a new person I get more and more excited about what God is doing among his people! Our guest this week did nothing short of excite us to be part of God's plan. Aybars Uckun is the current worship leader at Restoration in Seattle, Washington. In addition to this, he is transitioning into the role of assisstant rabbi under Matt Rosenberg which is very exciting!

What's funny about our interview with Aybars, is that we actually didn't talk all that much about music! We delved into many topics such as reaching the next generation, authenticity in your craft (as a Believer), discipleship and much more. The cool thing about it though, is that you have to have all of that to have worship. God's ways are from generation to generation, and music can do that. Authenticity is vital to the worship of God. He doesn't want our copycat, cookie cutter imitations...He wants the original sound that HE put in our hearts. Our worship can be deeper and better when we are discipled and are all comes full circle, because that's just how God does it. It's Kingdom stuff.

Aybars also shared how Restoration has moved in the direction of the next generation. Their goal is to become more "attractional" meaning that the focus is to grab the attention of people, especially those that are younger. They are a good mix of traditional and contemporary Messianic Judaism. It's not just about being an attention-getter, it's about being authentic and true to needs of this generation. This is very important because many Messianic Synagogues are in the stage of preparation for passing the torch, but not many know what that looks like for this time yet. Restoration is serving as a model for this generation's Messianic community. Worship, from Aybars's perspective, is also in this same model. There is a need for both the old and the new joined together. People are wired to know when a thing is authentic or not, so if the world can be true to themselves, how much more should we be true to ourselves in Messsiah? As Aybars said, this post really needs to be accompanied by it's own hashtag: #KeepItReal

There were so many great things Aybars said, and you definitely need to make sure that you listen to the show, because his testimony about coming to faith is so encouraging. God took him from a Muslim background and brought him to this day where he is a Messianic assistant rabbi. Come on...our God is just crazy in the absolute best way!

If you want to keep up with Aybars you can find him on Twitter: @Mr_Aybars_Han and also on Facebook. You can check out the awesome things God is doing at Restoration at as well!


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