Day & Night Worship with Greg Silverman

This blog post is well overdue, but I'm excited to write about it now. This interview aired on December 16th and we had every intention of writing this out then. However, I see now that God had a plan for this late post. We just came back from the ARCH Leadership Summit in Orlando and much of what Greg had to say echoes that. It was a brilliant reminder that the gears and levers of the next generation are turning and God is beginning an amazing work that will change the world! Now, onto the post!

We have had the privilege of interviewing many different worship leaders and recording artists in the Messianic Movement and it is always amazing to hear the hearts of those serving in this capacity. Greg Silverman is a worship leader and recording artist with a true heart for the intimate worship of the Father. He and his wife Rosa and their sons live in New Jersey and serve at Beth Yeshua in Philadelphia.

Greg is half Italian and half Jewish and was raised knowing Yeshua, but was hungry to understand the roots of his faith. He came to know Yeshua as Messiah in his Italian grandmother's church at 8 years old and remained in the Church. Those of you who know of his music should have lightbulbs going off because Greg definitely has an amazing Gospel flare to some of his music! After a divine encounter at Beth Yeshua Philadelphia, he knew he had finally found what God was leading him to. He became involved at the congregation and eventually became a worship leader there, writing many original praise and worship songs. It really wasn't until he became a part of the Messianic Movement that his song writing took off. He is currently working on his 3rd album that will be made up of about 10 songs and some videos as well. It will be very contemporary and relevant to this generation and speaks of God's provision and faithfulness, so be praying for God's blessing on this project! 

To write about all the amazing opportunities and accomplishments Greg has would be impressive enough, but what is amazing about him is his heart for God and for worship. Greg taught last year at the ARCH Leadership Summit and dove into the practical and spiritual aspects of worship. Striving for excellence, both in your craft and in your heart, is very important to Greg's view of worship and I'd have to agree. God is stirring up the hearts of this generation's leaders and there is a need to unite and connect with one another. Yeshua's prayer for us was that we be one, unified,  as He and the Father are one (John 17:21). That means no more personal agendas, no more ego, no more looking out for number 1. Greg's heart (and I daresay ours as well) is to see this community of worship leaders, and believers as a whole, become unified with one voice and to share with one another our hearts, our music and our testimonies. We may all be difference places, but we are all striving to do God's work and we need each other. I can't thank Greg enough for speaking such truth and being such an encouragement.

If you have not gotten to know Greg and Rosa, definitely do it! Such genuine hearts and fervor for the Lord! Also, if you would like to keep up with Greg's ministry, you can find him at and there he has links to his Facebook and Twitter as well.