Day & Night Worship, with Jude and Jennifer Caracelo

As usual, we had such great guests on this week's show! We were joined by Jude and Jennifer Caracelo who are brand new Georgia natives! We have a bit of a trend here, because Aybars Uckun is a worship leader and assistant rabbi, and Jude is the rabbi and worship leader of Keren Ohr Messianic Synagogue in Savannah, Georgia! We wear many hats in the Messianic movement, am I right? We have had the pleasure of serving in worship with them at one of the Southeast Regional Retreats for the YMJA and we had a blast and were totally blessed. What a beautiful couple!

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Jude and Jennifer met in their home congregation in Melbourne,Florida called Kol Mashiach. Both had served on the worship team and thus began their friendship and eventually marriage. They are songwriters and have extensive musical backgrounds as well as a deep love for Adonai, so needless to say it was a perfect fit. After some time, they, along with their children, were called to plant a congregation in Savannah. It's not an easy job and comes with many challenges, but Keren Ohr is growing and ministering to the Savannah area thanks to their obedience to God!  Now that they are planted in Georgia, Jude not only serves God as a worship leader, but as a rabbi. As the rabbi, Jude says that he " [tries] to really fuse the worship into as much of the congregational service as [he] can." Much of their liturgy is put to music so that the liturgy flows into the worship, and the worship into the message. Their congregation is the only Messianic one in the area, so each service serves a unique purpose. First and foremost, to worship God and lift up the name of Yeshua and also to teach the basics of Messianic Judaism. We discussed that each congregation has it's own character and that the worship often should reflect that character. In light of this, many of the songs they choose are the "Messianic standards" that we all know and love as well as newer songs that are geared to intimacy with the Father. 

Jennifer, who is a brilliant worship leader herself, has found that in this new season she feels called to focus on being a wife and mother as well as a rebitzen and leave the capacity of worship leader for a while. This was hard for her of course, because it is one of her passions. However, she shared with us that God has shifted gifts and talents around and she is discovering new talents that she didn't know she had. Even though she must set serving on the worship team aside for now, God has and is developing new things in her that she would not have known otherwise! Just another testament to his faithfulness.


If you did not get a chance to hear their interview, go can check it out on our radio show archive. Jude and Jennifer have such beautiful hearts for the Lord and you will definitely enjoy what they have to say! If you want to see what is going on at their congregation, visit their website at You can also find Jude (@RabbiJude) and Jennifer (@RivkaJen) on Twitter!


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