Day & Night Worship, with Cesar Lopez - 09/09/14

Hey everybody!

This week on Day and Night Worship we had the pleasure of interviewing Cesar Lopez, also known as Asharyahuw. I say "we" loosely, because I (Brooke) was rocking our anti-sleep baby into dreamland. However, it was an exciting and interesting show and Cesar aka "Chico" has something beautiful to bring to the Messianic movement through his Reggae-style music!

Cesar Lopez.png

Cesar and his family live in Southern California and it is there that he writes his amazing music for the Lord. After coming into and living the Messianic lifestyle, he was of course ready to hear the music of this movement. Music was a part of Cesar's life as his father and grandfather were both traveling musicians. He began writing music as a response to a desire for music with a Messianic message but with a less Klezmeristic sound. As we all know, the Messianic movement is a diverse group of people and there is (or should be) just as much diversity in the music. Cesar's music glorifies the Lord, as well as provides something that we can jam out to without having to regret knowing the lyrics. We need more music that has a legitimately good sound as well as a holy message. It's very hard, in my opinion, to do and Cesar marries the two exceptionally well. Songs of his like "Freedom (Torah of Love)" and "Slow it Down" which are featured on the radio show, have a very chill and fun vibe to them and let me tell you, they get stuck in your head...which is absolutely great! 

Cesar also has helped create a Messianic artist collective called Yah Music. It is a type of community in which Messianic musicians can collaborate and share with one another so that music becomes more of a community effort instead of just promoting an individual artist. The collective's idea is to serve one another in edifying and helping each other become the best they can be, which is a total Yeshua-like perspective. 

Something very interesting happened during the show as well, there was a 3.6 earthquake (it happens at 38:40)! As Toby and Cesar discussed just focusing on the Kingdom of God that is coming, the earthquake hit. He and his family were totally fine, thank God, but it did shift things around in his house. Needless to say, they both agreed that the Kingdom of God is "earthshaking."

Long story short, if you missed the show, you really need to go and check it out to hear some amazing music and an amazing heart on furthering the Kingdom of God through song!


Until next week,

Toby + Brooke