Day & Night Worship, with Marc & Dara Vidito - 09/02/14

Early Shabbat Shalom to you al!

This week on Day and Night Worship we had the pleasure of interviewing fellow worship leaders and long time friends, Marc and Dara Vidito! We have known them personally for years and have learned so much from them and are amazed at their love for God and for others. I really can't say enough good things about them! 

Marc and Dara, who are on staff at Congregation Beth Hallel in Roswell, GA as worship and youth leaders,  have been leading worship together since 1998 in the YMJA. Both children of Messianic congregation plants, they had grown up in an atmosphere of Messianic worship. They were instrumental in helping to mature and grow the worship ministry of the YMJA. Worship services went from meeting in the wrestling room of Messiah College aka "Multi Purpose Room" (or the MPR as Messiah Conference goers will know it) to a large building called Larson with sound, lights and more importantly the amazing spirit of God. Not only was this the place where Marc and Dara met, but they also met the other members of what would become the worship band, HaShir

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Marc and Dara along with their friends and band members formed HaShir out of a desire to bring a new and fresh spirit of worship to the Messianic community. They each have different styles, but altogether it brings something new, especially to Messianic youth. We all know the beautiful songs of Joel Chernoff or Lamb and Paul Wilbur and so on, and the Messianic Movement's music foundation is built with these artists. HaShir's hope is to not surpass these music giants, but to add something fresh along side them for this upcoming generation that is needing a different expression of worship. 

Needless to say, our conversation with Marc and Dara was amazing and they had such a wealth of things to share, including what IS a Messianic worship leader? Go to the Radio Show link on our website to hear this and a whole lot more!


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