Day & Night Worship with CBM Houston's Youth Worship Team

As you all know, we have had many amazing guests, but we have never had a whole worship team before! Getting to hear the thoughts and hearts of a group full of young Messianic believers was truly an amazing thing to experience. The youth worship team of Congregation Beth Messiah in Houston, TX, whom we have had the privilege of hanging out with before, is a talented and passionate group of people led by Lauren Vowell (youth leader). 

cbm houston.JPG

L to R: Nate Hollar- sound guy extraordinaire, Martarius Bolden( front)- drummer, Danielle Worman - vocalist, Stephen Worman-guitarist, Lauren Vowell- lead worshiper, Jasmine Mikaylov- vocalist, Abby Hollar- electric guitarist/vocalist

There is not enough space or time to write about how great this group was! This interview was filled with so much wisdom and fresh perspective. With pretty much every interview, we ask the question, "how do you define Messianic music?"  This answer is almost always answered the same, which is amazing, but Lauren Vowell said something that resonated with both of us very strongly. She looked up the definition of the word "Messianic" and ultimately that definition is "a fervor for God" or more specifically the Messiah (Yeshua). It is very important to understand the identity and nature of our calling, however we can't lose what our true worship should be about. Our worship isn't about our outward forms of tradition, but the inward recognition of our salvation in Yeshua. Every member of the group, in some form or other, said that it's not about us but about God. As Abby Hollar said, "It's not about me, it's about God's work through me. It's not about the best singer." Such true words. In the middle of their interview, they sang "Ana Adonai" by Joy Greig and we could absolutely feel the anointing on them. They each have such pure and willing hearts for the Lord. 

This worship team was full of great wisdom, but also full of humor! They had us rolling when we were discussing Messianic music. Danielle Worman jokingly said, "somewhere in between the Horah and "Amazing Grace" lies Messianic Judaism. What's funny is that she is totally right! The challenge is, for every generation, how to balance tradition and relevance. I think these guys are doing an excellent job of it and they are keeping lighthearted about it too, which always helps. Many of them have musical influences like Hillsong and even their own congregation's worship team, which shows that Messianic music is evolving in its sound, but still flourishing in it's rich and beautiful message. If the future of Messianic worship sounds anything like this group, then we are all in for an amazing and anointed time.

If you would like to keep up with this group, then please visit to see what the youth are up to! Make sure to keep these young people (and their leaders) in prayer! They are the upcoming generation and we need for God to equip and raise them up!