Day & Night Worship with Giselle Le'Aupepe

One thing that is really great about our radio show is that we get to interview a diverse group of people from so many places. We have met people from all over the U.S., Israel and now we get to feature our friend from The Land Down Under (yes, I sang it as I typed it). Giselle Le'Aupepe is originally from Australia and now makes her home in New York where she works for Jews for Jesus. She is an amazing musician, has a heart for missions, and is just a very cool person.

We met Giselle at the ARCH Summit this January and got to talk to her about her album that just came out with Heartcities called Painting Deserts. She told us all about the amazing collaborative effort that put the album together. It was basically a group of friends from all across the country that put their hearts and talents together to make a beautiful and unique product. Giselle said that "for us, music is communal" and this album is proof of that. It is a mindset that we definitely could use some more of in the Body of Believers. She shared two songs with us from the album, "War" and "Bones" which are based on some of her life experiences both in New York and with family. Oddly enough, after hearing these songs, we realized while listening to one of the songs that we actually played immediately after her set at AMF a few years ago! Just that alone reminded us of how interconnected we all really are, even if we aren't aware of it.

All across the Messianic Movement we are seeing such a draw to being more intimate with one another, more involved in community, and just being aware of each other. All of our affiliations (MJAA, UMJC, Jews for Jesus, etc.) are no longer serving as barriers, but as different and unique platforms that can help us grow together and share the love of Messiah to all that will hear it. That is our sincerest prayer, anyway.  This is being achieved in many ways, but it is being done especially through the arts. Music, visual art, dance, and more of the like are ways of connecting to each other and sharing our hearts.  An example Giselle shared with us is the ArtShare Collective which is a collection of Messianic artists bound together by their faith in Messiah Yeshua. This is the kind of community we need to be! We always, as Believers, seem to find ourselves trying to bring our faith to the world in a relevant way, but as Giselle said, "instead of us being peripheral to the world, the world should be peripheral to us." That should definitely be our goal. 

Needless to say, our interview with Giselle was fantastic.  If you haven't had a chance, take the time to listen to it by clicking here.  To find out more about Giselle and what she is doing, check her out on Facebook.  You can follow her here and give her a shout out!  Also you can keep up with Heartcities on their Facebook page, their website, on Spotify, and iTunes.