Day & Night Worship with Brian Samuel

Our latest guest on Day & Night Worship is a multi-gifted and an all-around joy to talk to. From the very beginning of our interview he had us encouraged and sharpened! Brian Samuel, whose lovely wife is Messianic worship leader and recording artist Sue Samuel, is the rabbi of Mishkahn David Messianic Synagogue in Rhode Island as well as the creator of Psalm Place, an online Messianic music community / collective. 

They key word that continually came up in our show with Brian was "ANOINTING".  Anointing is what we need in order for anything we do in the Kingdom to be effective and successful.  This applies to musicians of course, but ALSO to EVERY SINGLE child of God.  For Brian, anointing is key.  It's not about us, though it is an honor to be used, but it is about the ONE who lives inside us (1 John 4:4)!  In addition to sharing his heart on worship, Brian shared with us the heart and purpose of Psalm Place.  Over the years as a worship leader, both Brian and his wife Sue would encounter a number of musicians who had songs to share and a real passion from the Lord.  This got Brian thinking, "What would be a way to get these songs that nobody hears out to a larger audience if ADONAI would bless that?"  So came the idea of Psalm Place.  A place where Messianic musicians can offer their music to the public, for free or for a price, to the Messianic world.  It is a place where fresh and new Messianic music can be found!

Brian also shared with us two songs written by Messianic artists featured on Psalm Place that he felt has the ability and potential to bless many:  "Mi Chamocha" by Boneh, and "Prince of Shalom" by Natasha Kraus-Reynolds.  Check out Brian's podcast or go to to hear and / or  purchase these songs and MANY MANY MORE!  So to any and all Messianic artists, there is an avenue and a community out there where your voice can be heard!  GO to Psalm Place and get your song out there!

Brian also had encouraging words of wisdom for the Messianic musicians in this generation who are out there and possibly struggling with their music not being heard and waiting for their torch to be lit by the previous generations.  It's all about TIMING, he says.  In Brian's words, next generations should always be greater then previous generations, but this work is a work that is in the hands of the Lord.  It's a work of ADONAI and He accomplishes these things through His timing  and with His power. 

Brian can be contacted via Psalm Place, at  Also you can go to (and check out his wife's EXCELLENT music), and e-mail him at  OR you can keep up with Brian and Sue's and their congregation by going to the Mishkahn David Messianic Synagogue website.