Day & Night Worship Compilation Show 1

Hey everyone!  The last installment of Day & Night Worship was the first part of a two part show we are doing.  We did a compilation show where we simply played the music from some of our excellent past guests and also threw in some songs of our own!.  We were more DJs that night than we were hosts!

Here is a list of the songs and artists we featured and if you didn't catch the broadcast on March 10th, 2015, listen to the archived podcast here or click the names of the artists next to the song and listen to the podcast that featured them.

1) Break Forth - Toby & Brooke Manolis
2) Jealous - Brooke Manolis
3) Your Ways - Jude & Jennifer Caracelo
4) Lord You Are Good - Marc Vidito
5) Search Me Lord - Dara Vidito
6) The Sight Of Your Face - Justin M. Hutcher
7) Broken - Justin M. Hutcher
8) Deep Cries Out To Deep - Toby & Brooke Manolis
9) Mi Kamocha - Boneh (Thanks to Brian Samuel and PsalmPlace)

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Day & Night Worship compilation show coming up on 3/17/2015!