Day & Night Worship Compilation Show 1

Hey everyone!  The last installment of Day & Night Worship was the first part of a two part show we are doing.  We did a compilation show where we simply played the music from some of our excellent past guests and also threw in some songs of our own!.  We were more DJs that night than we were hosts!

Here is a list of the songs and artists we featured and if you didn't catch the broadcast on March 10th, 2015, listen to the archived podcast here or click the names of the artists next to the song and listen to the podcast that featured them.

1) Break Forth - Toby & Brooke Manolis
2) Jealous - Brooke Manolis
3) Your Ways - Jude & Jennifer Caracelo
4) Lord You Are Good - Marc Vidito
5) Search Me Lord - Dara Vidito
6) The Sight Of Your Face - Justin M. Hutcher
7) Broken - Justin M. Hutcher
8) Deep Cries Out To Deep - Toby & Brooke Manolis
9) Mi Kamocha - Boneh (Thanks to Brian Samuel and PsalmPlace)

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Day & Night Worship compilation show coming up on 3/17/2015!

Day & Night Worship with Giselle Le'Aupepe

One thing that is really great about our radio show is that we get to interview a diverse group of people from so many places. We have met people from all over the U.S., Israel and now we get to feature our friend from The Land Down Under (yes, I sang it as I typed it). Giselle Le'Aupepe is originally from Australia and now makes her home in New York where she works for Jews for Jesus. She is an amazing musician, has a heart for missions, and is just a very cool person.

We met Giselle at the ARCH Summit this January and got to talk to her about her album that just came out with Heartcities called Painting Deserts. She told us all about the amazing collaborative effort that put the album together. It was basically a group of friends from all across the country that put their hearts and talents together to make a beautiful and unique product. Giselle said that "for us, music is communal" and this album is proof of that. It is a mindset that we definitely could use some more of in the Body of Believers. She shared two songs with us from the album, "War" and "Bones" which are based on some of her life experiences both in New York and with family. Oddly enough, after hearing these songs, we realized while listening to one of the songs that we actually played immediately after her set at AMF a few years ago! Just that alone reminded us of how interconnected we all really are, even if we aren't aware of it.

All across the Messianic Movement we are seeing such a draw to being more intimate with one another, more involved in community, and just being aware of each other. All of our affiliations (MJAA, UMJC, Jews for Jesus, etc.) are no longer serving as barriers, but as different and unique platforms that can help us grow together and share the love of Messiah to all that will hear it. That is our sincerest prayer, anyway.  This is being achieved in many ways, but it is being done especially through the arts. Music, visual art, dance, and more of the like are ways of connecting to each other and sharing our hearts.  An example Giselle shared with us is the ArtShare Collective which is a collection of Messianic artists bound together by their faith in Messiah Yeshua. This is the kind of community we need to be! We always, as Believers, seem to find ourselves trying to bring our faith to the world in a relevant way, but as Giselle said, "instead of us being peripheral to the world, the world should be peripheral to us." That should definitely be our goal. 

Needless to say, our interview with Giselle was fantastic.  If you haven't had a chance, take the time to listen to it by clicking here.  To find out more about Giselle and what she is doing, check her out on Facebook.  You can follow her here and give her a shout out!  Also you can keep up with Heartcities on their Facebook page, their website, on Spotify, and iTunes.





Day & Night Worship with Brian Samuel

Our latest guest on Day & Night Worship is a multi-gifted and an all-around joy to talk to. From the very beginning of our interview he had us encouraged and sharpened! Brian Samuel, whose lovely wife is Messianic worship leader and recording artist Sue Samuel, is the rabbi of Mishkahn David Messianic Synagogue in Rhode Island as well as the creator of Psalm Place, an online Messianic music community / collective. 

They key word that continually came up in our show with Brian was "ANOINTING".  Anointing is what we need in order for anything we do in the Kingdom to be effective and successful.  This applies to musicians of course, but ALSO to EVERY SINGLE child of God.  For Brian, anointing is key.  It's not about us, though it is an honor to be used, but it is about the ONE who lives inside us (1 John 4:4)!  In addition to sharing his heart on worship, Brian shared with us the heart and purpose of Psalm Place.  Over the years as a worship leader, both Brian and his wife Sue would encounter a number of musicians who had songs to share and a real passion from the Lord.  This got Brian thinking, "What would be a way to get these songs that nobody hears out to a larger audience if ADONAI would bless that?"  So came the idea of Psalm Place.  A place where Messianic musicians can offer their music to the public, for free or for a price, to the Messianic world.  It is a place where fresh and new Messianic music can be found!

Brian also shared with us two songs written by Messianic artists featured on Psalm Place that he felt has the ability and potential to bless many:  "Mi Chamocha" by Boneh, and "Prince of Shalom" by Natasha Kraus-Reynolds.  Check out Brian's podcast or go to to hear and / or  purchase these songs and MANY MANY MORE!  So to any and all Messianic artists, there is an avenue and a community out there where your voice can be heard!  GO to Psalm Place and get your song out there!

Brian also had encouraging words of wisdom for the Messianic musicians in this generation who are out there and possibly struggling with their music not being heard and waiting for their torch to be lit by the previous generations.  It's all about TIMING, he says.  In Brian's words, next generations should always be greater then previous generations, but this work is a work that is in the hands of the Lord.  It's a work of ADONAI and He accomplishes these things through His timing  and with His power. 

Brian can be contacted via Psalm Place, at  Also you can go to (and check out his wife's EXCELLENT music), and e-mail him at  OR you can keep up with Brian and Sue's and their congregation by going to the Mishkahn David Messianic Synagogue website.    

Day & Night Worship with Hazakim

Hey everyone!

As usual, God never disappoints and blessed us with getting to hear the hearts of two amazing musicians! We often times have worship leaders on the show and we love it, but recently we got to interview Hazakim, a Messianic Hip Hop group, and guys...they are LEGIT. This is one show you do not need to miss out on.

Mike and Tony grew up at Beth Messiah in Colombus, Ohio where they were trained up in the ways of the Lord. They didn't necessarily have plans to be this new Messainic group at first, but it rather organically evolved into that. In the late 90s, Hip Hop wasn't just about being in the club like it is mostly now, it was very political on the Northeast Coast, where Mike and Tony were performing. There was a lot of Islam and/or Nation of Islam influencing these groups and they found themselves regularly having to defend their faith. So they decided to defend it with their music, and the rest is history. As men who were raised to be "bold in the faith" and to "stand up for Yeshua," their music wasn't ambiguous and it didn't SUGGEST a Messianic message. They are not afraid to say what they are really talking about, after all, the world certainly isn't afraid to tell us what it's about. They offend the darkness with their piercing scriptural message and God is blessing their music. They even hit the Top Ten on the Billboard Gospel Charts a couple months ago! 

One of the many things that encourages me so much about these guys, is that they are not about trying to give the believing community a mockery or a copy of what the world is doing. What we DON'T need is people mimicking the world solely because they think it's "relevant" or "trendy". What we DO need is genuine hearts and authentic, true-to-you talent that will unabashedly proclaim the message of Yeshua to today's generation. Mike and Tony have legitimate talent and, thank God, they are using it for the Kingdom. They are being true to themselves and true to Messiah and in return, hearts are being changed, encouraged, and challenged. I'm a substitute teacher and Toby is a high school History teacher so believe us when we tell you that teens today are hungry and looking for something real and they will go to the first thing that seems to offer it to them. The lyrics of today's Hip Hop songs are taking ground for the kingdom of darkness, so, we need to be supporting artists like Hazakim who are in the business taking ground for the kingdom of God.

Mike and Tony have an amazing ministry and God is bringing fruit from it. The Jewish world is latching onto what Hazakim is doing, which is huge. The last thing we spoke about in the interview was the lack of support that they, and other young artists in the movement, get. The Messianic movement has been the fertile ground for many up and coming musicians, so we don't need to let them wither and fade away just because it's not someone we have been familiar with for the last 25 years. In their words, "we're not going to stop what we're doing," meaning God has given them a gift and they're going to go for it, but it's much easier with support. This isn't a "make out your checks to--" kind of thing, this is a "wake up Messianic movement and support what God is doing in the next generation" kind of thing. It's easy to put stock in the musicians that have been around since the 70's and 80's in the movement, but this is a new day with new people that God has raised up. Just as the musicians who came before us needed support when they weren't as high in demand, the artists and worship leaders of TODAY need it. Honestly, this conversation goes WAY beyond of the next generation in every area needs work. As Tony said "take a leap of faith" and support those who are gifted and glorifying God with it. It is NEVER in vain to support someone that God has equipped with a gift. Support doesn't just mean money, it means prayer, letting other people know about them, and just help in whatever way is needed . That's what we are trying to let all of you know what the blessings and needs are of this musical community that is budding and growing in the Messianic Movement. Things are happening, big things, and they almost always start on a grassroots level. So from Hazakim and from us, get behind those who are going forth boldly with their gifts and's a big world we have to reach and the more the merrier.

If you would like to keep up with Hazakim, you can find them at and also here. You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram (@hazakim) and make sure to like them on Facebook! Also, if you are in the L.A. area, make sure you go to the Hip Hop Hanukkah event on December 18th with Rabbi Jason Sobel where Hazakim and other great hip hop artists will be performing to celebrate the holiday (info in the pic above)!

Blessings to you guys,

T + B

Day & Night Worship, with Jude and Jennifer Caracelo

As usual, we had such great guests on this week's show! We were joined by Jude and Jennifer Caracelo who are brand new Georgia natives! We have a bit of a trend here, because Aybars Uckun is a worship leader and assistant rabbi, and Jude is the rabbi and worship leader of Keren Ohr Messianic Synagogue in Savannah, Georgia! We wear many hats in the Messianic movement, am I right? We have had the pleasure of serving in worship with them at one of the Southeast Regional Retreats for the YMJA and we had a blast and were totally blessed. What a beautiful couple!

Jude & Jennifer Caracelo.jpg

Jude and Jennifer met in their home congregation in Melbourne,Florida called Kol Mashiach. Both had served on the worship team and thus began their friendship and eventually marriage. They are songwriters and have extensive musical backgrounds as well as a deep love for Adonai, so needless to say it was a perfect fit. After some time, they, along with their children, were called to plant a congregation in Savannah. It's not an easy job and comes with many challenges, but Keren Ohr is growing and ministering to the Savannah area thanks to their obedience to God!  Now that they are planted in Georgia, Jude not only serves God as a worship leader, but as a rabbi. As the rabbi, Jude says that he " [tries] to really fuse the worship into as much of the congregational service as [he] can." Much of their liturgy is put to music so that the liturgy flows into the worship, and the worship into the message. Their congregation is the only Messianic one in the area, so each service serves a unique purpose. First and foremost, to worship God and lift up the name of Yeshua and also to teach the basics of Messianic Judaism. We discussed that each congregation has it's own character and that the worship often should reflect that character. In light of this, many of the songs they choose are the "Messianic standards" that we all know and love as well as newer songs that are geared to intimacy with the Father. 

Jennifer, who is a brilliant worship leader herself, has found that in this new season she feels called to focus on being a wife and mother as well as a rebitzen and leave the capacity of worship leader for a while. This was hard for her of course, because it is one of her passions. However, she shared with us that God has shifted gifts and talents around and she is discovering new talents that she didn't know she had. Even though she must set serving on the worship team aside for now, God has and is developing new things in her that she would not have known otherwise! Just another testament to his faithfulness.


If you did not get a chance to hear their interview, go can check it out on our radio show archive. Jude and Jennifer have such beautiful hearts for the Lord and you will definitely enjoy what they have to say! If you want to see what is going on at their congregation, visit their website at You can also find Jude (@RabbiJude) and Jennifer (@RivkaJen) on Twitter!


T + B


Day & Night Worship, with Bethany Rosenfeld - 11/11/14

We have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the hearts and souls of everyone that we have had on the show thus far. It is really amazing to hear from so many hearts that love and chase after the Lord. We are always ministered to, but this time it took a very personal turn for me (Brooke). 

This week on Day and Night Worship I did the interview in the afternoon while Toby was at work because our guest, Bethany Rosenfeld, lives and ministers in Jerusalem, Israel. I had met her MANY years ago at Baruch HaShem in Dallas, TX when she and her husband came to worship with our youth...back when they only had a couple of kids. Present day, they just had their 8th child and yet they are as active as ever in their callings. A lot of times when people have kids, they assume that they should "take it easy" or "settle down" because the stress and strain of raising a kid requires that. Not that you shouldn't take it easy sometimes, but Bethany showed me that not only is it possible to keep moving in your calling after having your child(ren), but you can absolutely THRIVE and produce more fruit than you thought imaginable! God is awesome, guys.

Before the interview even started, we met each others' newest additions and talked about all the things that change along with little ones coming along. I confess, along with the abundant joy of a baby comes the pang of feeling like your active life-as-you-know-it is over. She shared this sentiment the first time around and prayed for God to change her heart...and of course, He did. I needed this word and God knew that. I say all of this because you all should know that this interview was a total God thing and you should definitely listen to it...and keep reading!

Bethany and Adam Rosenfeld attend and serve in the Hebrew Congregation of King of Kings Community, Jerusalem. Bethany leads worship on many of the Holidays as well as puts together worship teams...of children! She has been instrumental in helping to foster and encourage the worship of kids 9 and up. Before a service in which the kids were about to lead, a child prayed "Lord, please don't let them look at us and think that we're cute...let them really worship." That's what it's all about. She is also on staff at Succat Hallel, a 24 hour house of prayer and worship in the heart of Jerusalem. I have been there a couple of times and even been honored to lead a few is such an anointed and holy atmosphere. 

Bethany and her husband are also very active in the Elav Conference that happens every summer.  This conference is geared to lift up the Lord as well as to promote unity and reconciliation between Jewish and Arab believers. Out of this beautiful gathering has come beautiful worship found in Elav: Volume One as well as Bethany's current project that thrills me to the core! She is producing an album that is made up of Jews and Arabs all worshipping God in their own languages and as ECHAD (one)! There is an emphasis on personal expression of worship and the indigenous sounds that come out of the people of Israel. The place where they are recording is amazed by the unity and spirit coming out of this project and Bethany and the others involved have had ample opportunities to share their faith. Two of the songs on this album written by Bethany are "Lion of Judah" and "Bo Yeshua" (Come Yeshua). Because she gave us a sneak peak of these songs before they are released, we cannot include them in our archives, but you better believe we will be talking about them when the album is finished!

Bethany Rosenfeld.JPG

As you can see, this interview was so full of amazing things and it's very hard not to include it all! You should absolutely go and check out the archives and listen to the amazing things God is doing in HaAretz (The Land). If you want to keep up with what is going on with Bethany, you can visit their website and shoot them an email saying that you would like to receive updates/gain access to the site. You can also google or search on youtube for "Elav Conference" and find some of their worship! 

This show was a blessing to me and it will bless you for sure! Thank you, Bethany for sharing with us and we love you!


T + B