Day & Night Worship with Marc Vidito

As some of you know, we were recently at the AISH Leadership Summit put on by the YMJA in Orlando. This gathering is a time for the current leaders of the Messianic Movement to pour into, empower and raise up this generation's leaders. We have only attended this year's Summit, but after talking to our latest guest Marc Vidito as well as countless others confirming the same, this year was significantly different. There was a fervor and a holy frustration, we'll call it, to see progress and change and MOVEMENT in this community. We discussed this at length with Marc both on the show and off, and he brought up some really incredible points.

"At this summit," Marc said, "[the current leadership] believed they were really looking at the next leaders." This is huge and exciting for all of us. Marc called the Summit the next necessary step for the Messianic Movement, and he is right. Current leadership is looking to the next generation to step up and have their torches lit. The problem with that though, is that "if we keep talking about the next generation, they're never going to be THIS generation." The "next generation" really is not this futuristic idea, it is a tangible and relevant presence that is here and ready. Marc explained that the excitement among leadership for this generation is wonderful, but there are some things that must happen on both sides in order for our torches to be lit: the young leaders must respect what has gone before and the current leaders must recognize the up and comers and give them a chance to try. There must be mutual respect for any successful transition to take place. Of course the new leaders will do things differently, because we are products of our current culture, but our roots are the same as those who have gone thousands of years before us. That is where we must always go back to, and that will enable us to be effective leaders. God's ways are eternal and universal, ministering to every generation. As Paul Wilbur said in the worship track "the message is holy, not the methods."

Marc gave a really beautiful image of what "passing the torch" should look like. When we hear that phrase, we generally envision a person handing off the torch to the next and then sitting down, but that is not how Marc describes it. In a relay race, the only way to effectively pass the torch is to slow down a bit so that the next runner can grab a hold. This means, that for a period of time, the two are running together as one. It is only after that that the second runner can pick up speed and continue the race. This is spot on. We are in a beautiful time in which we must run this race at the same pace with our current leaders. It is a time to glean wisdom and embrace humility and gain the confidence that we will need to be effective leaders on our own two feet. They will encourage us and, God willing, we can encourage them. It's an intense and important time to be alive and to be effective for the Kingdom of God. 

Needless to say, this show with Marc was really incredible. There was so much more we discussed including the future of Messianic music and the relationship between the Messianic Community and the Christian Community. Make sure to listen to it here. Also, make sure to check out Marc's blog posts at The Messianic Times to hear more of his heart on these matters!

Be blessed,

Toby + Brooke

Day & Night Worship with CBM Houston's Youth Worship Team

As you all know, we have had many amazing guests, but we have never had a whole worship team before! Getting to hear the thoughts and hearts of a group full of young Messianic believers was truly an amazing thing to experience. The youth worship team of Congregation Beth Messiah in Houston, TX, whom we have had the privilege of hanging out with before, is a talented and passionate group of people led by Lauren Vowell (youth leader). 

cbm houston.JPG

L to R: Nate Hollar- sound guy extraordinaire, Martarius Bolden( front)- drummer, Danielle Worman - vocalist, Stephen Worman-guitarist, Lauren Vowell- lead worshiper, Jasmine Mikaylov- vocalist, Abby Hollar- electric guitarist/vocalist

There is not enough space or time to write about how great this group was! This interview was filled with so much wisdom and fresh perspective. With pretty much every interview, we ask the question, "how do you define Messianic music?"  This answer is almost always answered the same, which is amazing, but Lauren Vowell said something that resonated with both of us very strongly. She looked up the definition of the word "Messianic" and ultimately that definition is "a fervor for God" or more specifically the Messiah (Yeshua). It is very important to understand the identity and nature of our calling, however we can't lose what our true worship should be about. Our worship isn't about our outward forms of tradition, but the inward recognition of our salvation in Yeshua. Every member of the group, in some form or other, said that it's not about us but about God. As Abby Hollar said, "It's not about me, it's about God's work through me. It's not about the best singer." Such true words. In the middle of their interview, they sang "Ana Adonai" by Joy Greig and we could absolutely feel the anointing on them. They each have such pure and willing hearts for the Lord. 

This worship team was full of great wisdom, but also full of humor! They had us rolling when we were discussing Messianic music. Danielle Worman jokingly said, "somewhere in between the Horah and "Amazing Grace" lies Messianic Judaism. What's funny is that she is totally right! The challenge is, for every generation, how to balance tradition and relevance. I think these guys are doing an excellent job of it and they are keeping lighthearted about it too, which always helps. Many of them have musical influences like Hillsong and even their own congregation's worship team, which shows that Messianic music is evolving in its sound, but still flourishing in it's rich and beautiful message. If the future of Messianic worship sounds anything like this group, then we are all in for an amazing and anointed time.

If you would like to keep up with this group, then please visit to see what the youth are up to! Make sure to keep these young people (and their leaders) in prayer! They are the upcoming generation and we need for God to equip and raise them up! 



Day & Night Worship with Greg Silverman

This blog post is well overdue, but I'm excited to write about it now. This interview aired on December 16th and we had every intention of writing this out then. However, I see now that God had a plan for this late post. We just came back from the ARCH Leadership Summit in Orlando and much of what Greg had to say echoes that. It was a brilliant reminder that the gears and levers of the next generation are turning and God is beginning an amazing work that will change the world! Now, onto the post!

We have had the privilege of interviewing many different worship leaders and recording artists in the Messianic Movement and it is always amazing to hear the hearts of those serving in this capacity. Greg Silverman is a worship leader and recording artist with a true heart for the intimate worship of the Father. He and his wife Rosa and their sons live in New Jersey and serve at Beth Yeshua in Philadelphia.

Greg is half Italian and half Jewish and was raised knowing Yeshua, but was hungry to understand the roots of his faith. He came to know Yeshua as Messiah in his Italian grandmother's church at 8 years old and remained in the Church. Those of you who know of his music should have lightbulbs going off because Greg definitely has an amazing Gospel flare to some of his music! After a divine encounter at Beth Yeshua Philadelphia, he knew he had finally found what God was leading him to. He became involved at the congregation and eventually became a worship leader there, writing many original praise and worship songs. It really wasn't until he became a part of the Messianic Movement that his song writing took off. He is currently working on his 3rd album that will be made up of about 10 songs and some videos as well. It will be very contemporary and relevant to this generation and speaks of God's provision and faithfulness, so be praying for God's blessing on this project! 

To write about all the amazing opportunities and accomplishments Greg has would be impressive enough, but what is amazing about him is his heart for God and for worship. Greg taught last year at the ARCH Leadership Summit and dove into the practical and spiritual aspects of worship. Striving for excellence, both in your craft and in your heart, is very important to Greg's view of worship and I'd have to agree. God is stirring up the hearts of this generation's leaders and there is a need to unite and connect with one another. Yeshua's prayer for us was that we be one, unified,  as He and the Father are one (John 17:21). That means no more personal agendas, no more ego, no more looking out for number 1. Greg's heart (and I daresay ours as well) is to see this community of worship leaders, and believers as a whole, become unified with one voice and to share with one another our hearts, our music and our testimonies. We may all be difference places, but we are all striving to do God's work and we need each other. I can't thank Greg enough for speaking such truth and being such an encouragement.

If you have not gotten to know Greg and Rosa, definitely do it! Such genuine hearts and fervor for the Lord! Also, if you would like to keep up with Greg's ministry, you can find him at and there he has links to his Facebook and Twitter as well.