"My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the Lord..."
--Psalm 84:2

All music / musical arrangements / performances / original words and lyrics are © by Toby and Brooke Manolis (exceptions include adapted words from the Bible or traditional pieces that are public domain).  We are happy and blessed to be able to provide our music for free.  Audio and chord sheets are available so you can play these songs in your congregation or during your personal worship time.  All we ask is that you credit us for authorship of the songs when reproducing chord sheets and lyrical slides for public use.  Please also note that many of our recordings in our free songbook are not studio quality.  They are rough tracks either recorded live at Shabbat services or a stripped down acoustic versions recorded at home and are provided as a reference for you.  The Lord bless and keep you and we're so happy you're here.  We hope our music blesses you and connects you to our great Father in Heaven.


Song Name:  Be Still And Know
Scripture Reference:  Psalm 46
Description:  Be Still And Know is a song of worshipful trust in God in the midst of trouble.

Song Name:  Blessed Is My Rock
Scripture Reference:  Psalm 18
Description:  Blessed Is My Rock is a song of worshipful thankfulness in God's great deliverance in the face of great adversity and enemies.

Song Name:  Deep Cries Out To Deep
Scripture Reference:  Psalm 42
Description:  This is a worship song of desperation for God and how in downcast moments and seasons, we still have hope in the nearness of God and His faithfulness to lift us back up.

Song Name:  I Will Give You Rest
Scripture Reference:  Matthew 6 | Matthew 11 | John 14 | John 16
Description:  I Will Give You Rest is based on Messiah Yeshua's assurance that He'll never leave us, He's returning soon, and He's going to take us Home to our Heavenly Father.

Song Name:  In The Shadow (Of El Shaddai)
Scripture Reference:  Psalm 91
Description:  This song is based on Psalm 91, a declaration of God's ever-present faithfulness and protection.

Song Name:  Kingdom Come
Scripture Reference:  Zechariah 14 | Matthew 6 | Revelation 4
Description:  Kingdom Come is an anthem and a heart cry for Yeshua to return and establish the Kingdom of God.

Song Name:  Kos Y'Shuot Esa
Scripture Reference:  Psalm 116
Description:  This song speaks of how there's nothing we have to pay the Lord back for all He has done for us.  All we can do is praise Him for the Salvation He's provided for us and call upon His Name.

Song Name:  Kumi Ori
Scripture Reference:  Isaiah 52:1 | Isaiah 60:1
Description:  Kumi Ori is a prophetic song that speaks of God breaking Israel's chains and opening their eyes to God's glory and salvation.

Song Name:  O My Soul
 Scripture Reference:  Psalm 146
Description:  O My Soul is a song based on Psalm 146.  It is about God's eternal reign, His faithfulness, and His lovingkindness.  Also a part of this song is an ancient Jewish prayer/liturgy "Ein (Ayn) Kamocha", a prayer of adoration and declaration of God's supreme power and everlasting Kingship.

Song Name:  Psalm 51
Scripture Reference:  Psalm 51
Description:  Psalm 51 is a song based on King David's prayer for forgiveness of sin and for a clean and pure heart.

Song Name:  Psalm 84
Scripture Reference:  Psalm 84
Description:  This song expresses our desperate need as God's children to be where He is and to dwell in His house and worship Him.

Song Name:  The Return
Scripture Reference:  Isaiah 64 | Zechariah 1:3 | Malachi 3:7
Description:  The Return is a song of humble and repentant worship crying out to God for forgiveness of sin and to return to His people, as we return to Him.

Song Name:  Satisfy
Scripture Reference:  Psalm 16
Description:  Satisfy is based on Psalm 16, a Davidic psalm about the perfect peace and satisfaction that comes only from the Lord.

Song Name:  Steadfast
Scripture Reference:  Psalm 57
Description:  Steadfast exalts God and His glory and speaks of the greatness of God'slove and faithfulness, and how our hearts must be steadfast, never wavering in our faithfulness towards Him and never giving up in the midst of trial or pain.

Song Name:  You Alone
Scripture Reference:  Psalm 62; 2 Chronicles 20
Description:  You Alone speaks of how God alone is our hope and need in times of trouble, affliction, and attack from adversaries.

Song Name:  Your Love Goes On
Scripture Reference:  Psalm 138
Description:  Your Love Goes On is based on Psalm 138, which speaks of God's unfailing love and faithfulness in the midst of trouble.